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A little background on Colourist and Instructor Giles…

I’m a long time colorist for Cinema & TV but now I also train people wanting to become colorists and a lot of them come from the rapidly expanding world of video editing and effects.

I worked closely with the DaVinci Resolve team and Blackmagic Design representing them internationally as a lead colourist demonstrator at major industry events for 8 years as well as providing training for their customers and partners. I was encouraged to provide suggestions and feedback when they were improving their colour correction features.

During my career I’ve worked with many Colour Grading Consoles,  Film Scanners (Telecines) and Digital Color Grading systems working on a mixture of International TV Commercials, Cinema Movies (Digital Intermediates), Movie Effects Sequences,  BBC & ITV Shows and Dramas, Independent Movies,  Documentaries, TV Movies, Short Films and how can I forget Music Video sessions!

Several times a year I host colorist training courses covering many aspects of colour grading with a strong focus on creativity. The knowledge and techniques are applicable to most video applications but we use DaVinci Resolve during the classes.

If you are interested in private colour grading training for your company please use this form to start a discussion…