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A free set of 8 Creative Looks LUTs

Just load these LUTs into DaVinci Resolve and you can apply them to any shot or node!

  • Free LUTs for DaVinci Resolve V12
    Original Ungraded Look

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Original Ungraded Look

Original Ungraded Look

'Bleach Neutral' Look

‘Bleach Neutral’ Look

'Flatly Brown' Look

‘Flatly Brown’ Look

'Cold light of day' Look

‘Cold light of day’ Look

'Add Your Vignette' Look

‘Add Your Vignette’ Look

'Fashion Victim' Look

‘Fashion Victim’ Look

'Crossmook' Look

‘Crossmook’ Look

'Grey & White' Look

‘Grey & White’ Look

'Mr Todd' Look

‘Mr Todd’ Look

Original Ungraded Look

Original Ungraded Look